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How the program works.

Our comprehensive program starts with an initial consultation, where you’ll meet our Nutrition Counselor. Together, you’ll review sample meal plans, dietary guidelines, and your current eating habits. We’ll also delve into discussions about vitamins and minerals. During this session, you’ll also meet with a board-certified healthcare professional specializing in Obesity Medicine. They’ll assess your health history, weight loss objectives, and potential medication options if necessary. Should medication be suitable, it will either be provided in-office or shipped following a virtual consultation. Subsequent maintenance visits will be scheduled to monitor progress, address any concerns, and arrange for medication refills as needed.

About Tirzepatide

How the program works.

Similar to Semaglutide and other medications in the GLP-1 class, Tirzepatide operates by slowing down the digestion process in our stomachs. This delay fosters a sense of fullness and satisfaction with smaller meal portions. What sets Tirzepatide apart is its incorporation of a second hormone called GIP. GIP has been found to reduce appetite and boost energy expenditure, leading to weight loss. When paired with a GLP-1 receptor agonist, this combination can potentially yield more significant improvements in blood glucose levels and body weight. Additionally, Tirzepatide retards the movement of food from the stomach to the small intestine, resulting in quicker and prolonged feelings of fullness.

About Semaglutide

How Semaglutide Work

Semaglutide is a synthetic form of a naturally occurring molecule known as a GLP-1 analog, which exists in our bodies. Its mechanism involves increasing insulin production, decreasing glucagon secretion, and affecting appetite regulation centers in the brain. Unlike the brief action of the natural molecule, this engineered version can persist in the body for weeks. Originally utilized for managing diabetes under the brand Ozempic, Semaglutide, now known as Wegovy, received FDA approval in June 2021 specifically for aiding weight loss.

Daily Meal Plan

Sample Daily Meal Plan for Weight Loss Program

Here’s a sample of a typical daily meal plan for individuals using Tirzepatide or Semaglutide in our weight loss program, designed to foster sustainable healthy eating habits:


1/2 cup of unsweetened oatmeal topped with a dollop of honey-infused low-fat yogurt


Protein shake containing no more than 150 calories


Grilled chicken breast (medium-sized) paired with 1 cup of assorted vegetables, lettuce, 1 to 2 slices of whole grain bread, and a light dressing


1 to 2 tablespoons of hummus served with a portion of whole wheat pita bread (1/2)


A generous serving of preferred protein accompanied by 1 to 2 cups of vegetables and 1/2 to 1 cup of whole wheat pasta, beans, brown rice, or quinoa. Enjoy ample servings of lettuce or spinach alongside.


Optional: Protein bar

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Health Life Talk Sessions


Psychotherapy plays a crucial role in the treatment of obesity, addressing both nutritional habits and psychological factors underlying unhealthy eating behaviors. A comprehensive approach combines nutritional assessment with cognitive-behavioral strategies aimed at fostering lifestyle changes and acquiring effective behavioral skills.

Sustainable, long-term success hinges on addressing the root causes of obesity, namely, dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors. Rather than solely focusing on weight loss, the emphasis should be on altering these patterns to achieve and maintain a modest, yet manageable reduction in weight (typically 10-20% of initial weight). This approach prioritizes overall well-being and quality of life over mere numerical targets.

Therapeutic interventions encompass educational programs to promote healthier eating habits, increase physical activity, and foster positive body image. Patients are encouraged to actively participate in their treatment, receiving thorough information, education, and support akin to a rehabilitation process.

Avoiding drastic diets or rigid control is crucial, as such approaches often lead to loss of control and erratic calorie intake. Instead, the emphasis is on sustainable lifestyle changes that promote lasting health and wellness.

Health Life Talk Sessions


Psychotherapy coupled with a comprehensive approach to address obesity is essential for effective treatment. This approach integrates nutritional and food behavior assessments with cognitive-behavioral strategies aimed at lifestyle modification and the acquisition of essential behavioral skills for weight management.

Successful, long-term outcomes are more likely when weight loss is a result of addressing underlying dysfunctional thoughts and behaviors associated with obesity.

The objective should not solely focus on drastic weight reduction but rather on achieving and sustaining a modest weight loss (typically 10-20% of initial weight) that contributes to improved health outcomes. Thus, treatment encompasses an educational component targeting behavioral changes in eating habits, promoting physical activity, and fostering positive body image.

Active participation and engagement of the patient throughout the therapeutic process are crucial, akin to a supportive rehabilitation journey. The emphasis shifts from mere weight loss to enhancing overall well-being and quality of life. Rigid dietary restrictions often lead to loss of control and may result in erratic or uncontrolled calorie intake.

Nutritionally Complete Plan


Our program caters to individuals struggling with overweight and obesity who seek to achieve and maintain a healthy weight with optimal effectiveness and well-being. We provide easily accessible information to empower individuals in their journey towards healthier living.

At the core of every effective weight management approach lies proper nutrition. Weight loss is unattainable without consuming fewer calories than one expends, but it’s equally crucial to adopt a nutritious eating pattern. Our personalized weight loss program entails tailoring dietary plans to each participant’s unique circumstances, addressing their specific issues, requirements, and preferences whenever feasible.

Nutritionally Complete Plan


Our program caters to individuals grappling with overweight and obesity, aiming to achieve and sustain a healthy weight with utmost effectiveness and wellness. We prioritize simplifying information accessibility to facilitate progress.

At the core of all effective weight management strategies lies proper nutrition. Weight loss necessitates consuming fewer calories than expended, while adhering to a nutritious eating regimen. Our tailored weight loss approach involves customizing dietary plans to suit each participant’s unique circumstances, addressing their specific challenges, requirements, and culinary preferences wherever feasible.

Personal Trainer Program


Losing weight through exercise isn’t about attaining the sculpted physique of elite athletes. Instead, it’s about reaping the rewards of a personalized program devised by a seasoned coach with expertise in sports sciences.

Our individualized ONE-ON-ONE program is designed specifically for those seeking to embark on a new lifestyle centered around exercise but are unsure of where to begin.

Personal Trainer Program


Losing weight through sports doesn’t necessarily entail achieving a physique akin to that of elite athletes. Rather, it involves embracing a tailored program devised by a seasoned coach with expertise in sports sciences.

Our personalized ONE-ON-ONE program is designed specifically for those seeking to embark on a new lifestyle fueled by sports but are unsure where to begin.

This program revolves around a pragmatic action plan tailored to your current physical condition, aimed at delivering tangible weight loss outcomes. Setting realistic goals is key, and our personal coach is there to gauge your efforts incrementally and guide you through each stage of the journey.

These are some of the benefits you will gain with our personal trainer program:

Knowledge on the exercises best suited for you
Increase muscle mass
Be healthier
Toning body
Cardiorespiratory resistance
Truly reach your sporting goals
Increase your self confidence

Weight Management Plan


As medical professionals, we define obesity or being overweight as the accumulation of excess energy reserves in the body in the form of fat tissue.

We understand that this surplus fat directly impacts both quality of life and health, elevating the risk of conditions such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases, joint issues, and psychological concerns.

While acknowledging the importance of aesthetics in fostering motivation, our focus extends beyond mere appearance.

Through our medical weight management program, we aim to not only reduce body fat levels but also provide tailored interventions to address individual needs.

By adopting this holistic approach, we ensure that the results are sustainable over time, leading to a multitude of benefits spanning physical, psychological, and aesthetic domains.

Weight Management Plan

Management plan

As medical professionals, we define obesity or being overweight as the accumulation of excess energy reserves in the body in the form of fat. This surplus fat not only impacts overall health but also influences quality of life, increasing the likelihood of diabetes, cardiovascular issues, joint problems, and psychological challenges.

However, we acknowledge the importance of aesthetics in maintaining motivation. Therefore, if you choose to enroll in our medical weight management program, our focus will be on reducing body fat levels while providing tailored interventions.

By addressing both the physical and psychological aspects, our program aims to produce lasting results, offering benefits not only in terms of health but also in enhancing appearance and well-being.

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